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Jul. 11th, 2012 01:04 pm
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Faith No More were on the bucket list and I got to see them last night having missed them last time they were in the UK.

They are a band I always find hard to label. Are the rock? With a rap twist? A little bit of soul? A hint of funk? Punk? I think this is why I like them. They intrigue me. Their lyrics are at time Bowiesque; more of a focus on how they sound rather than what they mean. They are the band from that era that I still listen to most often but also the one I would be least likely to introduce anyone else to. I think they are a band you have to 'get'.

So off to Brixton I headed with my trusty gig partner - my sister.

The stage was set up by roadies who looked like extras from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. The all white stage with loads of flowers was simple and effective.

The band appeared minus Mike Paton to a roar from the crowd. When Paton did appear the crowd went nuts. Their version of 'Delilah' was a real crowd pleaser and allowed Paton's voice to use quite a range.

Next up came 'Midlife Crisis' at which point the earplugs I had in just had to be removed. I always find London audiences can be a bit too cool but not this lot. They sang back the words louder than I have ever heard an audience and I was on the balcony. Maybe it's the age of the audience, maybe it's the fact that we so seldom get to see this bad but whatever it was the atmosphere was good. The club-esque version they did at the end of the song was just genius and showed just how brilliant this band are.

Mike Paton always seems to be teetering on the brink, vocally and in terms of his own sanity. It's this teetering however that makes him so capitvating. Hiss voice is amazing, ranging from almost operatic to screaming and back again.

At times last night, notably why shouting 'suprise, you're dead' I felt like I was 13 again and listening to shouty, naughty teenage boys and generally feeling too old for this. Then they play Evidence and I'm capitvated with the soul and maturity of it. By the time Epic came around I realised that it's always been tongue in cheek, isn't that why I still love them.

Faith No More are still a brilliant band but if you didn't 'get 'them in the first place I don't think you'd 'get' them now. It's not like there is a lot to get. Just boys, playing music, having a giggle and doing it well.

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