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My LJ has gone a bit odd and it's a bit quiet. I know a couple of you are finding the same thing, so I thought I might attempt to make a public post and a sort of friending frenzy (this may or may not work especially as I am posting this on a Monday morning). So yeah, you know the drill. If you want friends feel free to make a comment telling us all about yourself and have a look through to see if there is anyone you think you might like to be friends with.

Can I ask that you make a post on your LJ and link to this (if you are so inclined)

I'll start

My LJ  friends describe me as follows

[ profile] resuscitation
A lovely person with a good sense of humour and great personality. Her journal is easy to read and mcmurphy79 is also a regular commenter. Definately someone to add if you get the chance.
[ profile] lucybutler
[ profile] idiosyncrasique
Tina writes with unflinching honesty about all aspects of her life. She is open, non-judgmental and supportive; and someone you won't regret adding to your friends list!
mcmurphy79 is ardently kind and fervently passionate about everything lucky enough to be in the scope of her life. She is fun, raw, honest, and open; she is beautiful without realizing the true extent of her radiance. Her posts make me laugh, cry, think, and reflect, and her comments are always comforting and understanding. I feel quite honored to know her, and if you add her, you will too!
[ profile] ellierachael
My friends list wouldn't be the same without mcmurphy79. Funny, genuine and honest, she's someone I regard as a true friend

I'm a 32, female and live in Kent with my partner (we are engaged - am avoiding using the word fiance!) We have 2 rescue greyhounds who are ex-racers and occasionally foster lurchers for a charity we work with.

I'm a youth worker a job that I love but am still inclinded to occasionally whine about.

Current obsessions - Dogs, Ian McKellen, Derren Brown, Morrissey, The Smiths, Manic Street Preachers,
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