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erm yes sorry. Feel free to skip.

I thought I'd share some pictures of yesterday with you that I took on my Black berry (LOVE IT)

March for the Alternative )


For those of you not interested - here are so CUTE pics of dogs )

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Just back from London. The demo was very peaceful where we were, whole families there, a nice atmosphere, people trying to put litter in overflowing bins, all ery respectful.. The anarchists and the breakaway groups as far as I'm concerned were not part of the march, they had their own agenda. I feel they hijacked it to do the most damage while the police were elsewhere. Wallies.

It was amazing to see SO many people. We joined the march about 12.30ish when it was already in flow. We went to Hyde park listened to a lot of the speakers and left; people were still coming in, Traffalgar Square was still packed and there was still a massive march! Amazing.

I hope the media can keep some focus on just how good natured the main march was and how peacful it was. It is amazing that so many people came to have their voices heard and that there was no trouble.
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Today is the March against the cuts. I'm heading up about quarter past 11. My legs are killing me but hopefully it will be a good day. Weather is good for it. Cool but not cold.

Enjoy your saturdays all.


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