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Aug. 13th, 2012 05:31 pm
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This is Epic. Makes mine look pedestrian. Go join in ratfans

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My LJ has gone a bit odd and it's a bit quiet. I know a couple of you are finding the same thing, so I thought I might attempt to make a public post and a sort of friending frenzy (this may or may not work especially as I am posting this on a Monday morning). So yeah, you know the drill. If you want friends feel free to make a comment telling us all about yourself and have a look through to see if there is anyone you think you might like to be friends with.

Can I ask that you make a post on your LJ and link to this (if you are so inclined)

I'll start

My LJ  friends describe me as follows

[livejournal.com profile] resuscitation
A lovely person with a good sense of humour and great personality. Her journal is easy to read and mcmurphy79 is also a regular commenter. Definately someone to add if you get the chance.
[livejournal.com profile] lucybutler
[livejournal.com profile] idiosyncrasique
Tina writes with unflinching honesty about all aspects of her life. She is open, non-judgmental and supportive; and someone you won't regret adding to your friends list!
mcmurphy79 is ardently kind and fervently passionate about everything lucky enough to be in the scope of her life. She is fun, raw, honest, and open; she is beautiful without realizing the true extent of her radiance. Her posts make me laugh, cry, think, and reflect, and her comments are always comforting and understanding. I feel quite honored to know her, and if you add her, you will too!
[livejournal.com profile] ellierachael
My friends list wouldn't be the same without mcmurphy79. Funny, genuine and honest, she's someone I regard as a true friend

I'm a 32, female and live in Kent with my partner (we are engaged - am avoiding using the word fiance!) We have 2 rescue greyhounds who are ex-racers and occasionally foster lurchers for a charity we work with.

I'm a youth worker a job that I love but am still inclinded to occasionally whine about.

Current obsessions - Dogs, Ian McKellen, Derren Brown, Morrissey, The Smiths, Manic Street Preachers,
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Thanks to [info]fenjer for re-posting this for her friends and bringing it to my attention. It seems LJ has screwed up on it's security settings again.

your friends locked entries can be "shared" by anyone on your friends list in their own journals - and there's nothing you can do about it!

worse still it seems you can share them on FB and Twatter too! WTF?!!

It goes without saying I will NOT be doing this to anyone on my friends list - not fair and I am also sure it goes without saying that neither would any of you.

Having said that please feel free to share this entry if you wish to.
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Meme stole from [info]necropalice 

Pick 5 of your favourite books and quote the first line. People have to guess which book you are quoting. I have to say picking 5 was hard.

1. A few miles south of Soledad, the Salinas River drops in close to the hill-side bank and runs deep and green.

2. They're out there.

3. Dear Franklin, I'm unsure why one trifling incident this afternoon has moved me to write to you.

4. I am doomed to remember a boy with a wrecked voice - not because of his voice, or because he was the smallest person I ever knew, or even because he was the instrument of my mother's death, but because he is the reason I believe in God;......

5. It is very seldom that mere ordinary people like John and myself secure ancestral halls for the summer.

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I did this a while back and it didn't work that well but lets try again.

I'd like to see if we can write a little story/fairytale between us a sentence or a few sentences at a time.

I'll start and then each comment should be the next bit of the story. You can comment as many tmes as you like. I will leave the entry open so if you want to pimp this out or tell other people then do.

This may fall on it's arse but here it goes.

It was a blissfully sunny day in June, the sky was pure blue. The world seemed to sing with all the living creatures that buzzed and hummed as they went about their business.
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If you add me as a friend and do not say anything then I will not add you back and since pretty much all my entries and friends only it is a pointless exercise.

Also I only read English.

Thank You.

As you were
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Well it's Monday morning and that is always pretty sucky....if you want to cheer yourselves up why not go and add something to my love post http://mcmurphy79.livejournal.com/332407.html and who knows someone might have said something lovely about you.

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I have blatantly stolen this (from[info]seegwa  via [info]ayoub) but thought it might be nice and I have lots of friends who know one another.

This is a love post

Here's the deal: You post a comment with somebody's name in it if they don't already have a thread started. Then you reply to that comment with something you love about them. After that scroll through the comments to see if you have any other friends to leave love for. You are under no limits as to who you may post, I love hearing what you love about strangers too! There are no limits to how many names you can toss into the circle, the more the merrier! You don't even have to know me to participate!

I will send each person that's mentioned a note to let them know the nice things said about them.

***Please be sure to reply to the comment that has the person's name in so each person can easily find their love notes.

Please feel free to let all your friends know about this post as well! Now, on to spreading the love!
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I realise what an arsehole I look, having just added friends and then saying u I'm doing a friends cut. Well I've done it now and I'm pretty sure that people will hardly notice since I cut journals that have been defunct for over a year in most (not all) cases.


Oct. 10th, 2010 07:39 pm
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Is thinking of doing a wee little friends cut ...yes, yes I know people hate these and some people think it's bollocks or whatever but it's just a tidy up really. I have lots of people who never post anymore and haven't done for months in some cases over a year or more I'm reluctant to let some of them go but I think maybe they have given up the LJ thing....if you are one of these people but you still read then let me know....I have loads of new people I have added and as far as I'm concerned you guys will all stay as we are just getting to know each other and I like you :-) Regular faves (you know who you are) will stay as I think you all rock. I have some I need to consider if we are getting on on certain issues.

If you want to bail now is a good time

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I'm thinking of doing a tiny weeny friends cut. I'm finding myself having fundamental differences of opinion with 1 or 2 people. I'm ok with difference that's all good but these things are just TOO fundamental. Also one or 2 people have dropped off the radar completely.


Apr. 3rd, 2009 10:15 pm
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4 people have added me in the past few weeks which is really odd, odder still thet have not said a thing to me about it. There's no point most of my entries are friends only. Do I just ignore them?

I find it quite annoying.
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I am annoyed about recent happenings here on lj and I'm giving it time it does not deserve. The more I've thought about it the more I see how right Faye was. I agree with you completely.

I'm gonna stop trying to appease everyone, not everyone deserves it.

If you think you are being 'attacked' for a view point maybe it suggests that something about that view or the way that it is expressed is unacceptable to others.

Also I have never much liked conservatives anyway. My point has now been proved.


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