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I did this a while back and it didn't work that well but lets try again.

I'd like to see if we can write a little story/fairytale between us a sentence or a few sentences at a time.

I'll start and then each comment should be the next bit of the story. You can comment as many tmes as you like. I will leave the entry open so if you want to pimp this out or tell other people then do.

This may fall on it's arse but here it goes.

It was a blissfully sunny day in June, the sky was pure blue. The world seemed to sing with all the living creatures that buzzed and hummed as they went about their business.
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It's good when you can get the word 'nihilistic'' in your work notes. 

I know it's massively wanky!
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Fucking hells bells some people are such bigoted shits. When I say some people I mean people I fucking work with. WTF!!! We've just had Equality and Diversity training too!!

The subject of 'Big Fat Gyspsy Weddings' came up today - I'm sure you know where this is heading. For those of you that don't know there is a reality TV programme on channel 4 that proports to show Gypsy Weddings. It doesn't it shows a very small minority of gypsies. It's like filming me and saying I'm representative of ALL of us who use LJ it's fucking stupid.

Anyway this twat at work started mouthing off about 'Pikeys' and how she didn't understand why they even made a programme that glorified a culture that was made up of scum or something very much to that effect. I was calm and said 'we're not all like that...if I acted like that in front of my family they would be so ashamed. It's not all gypsies' - technically I'm not a traveller but y'know. Then she was all like 'I know I know but they are pikeys'. A the woman I sat next to asked me questions about John and was genuinely interested and went on to say that she thought T the woman who said it was an idiot to do so in front of all us and she was lucky I didn't put in a formal complaint. I'd also like to point out that there is a guy that works there who is half Jewish and half traveller what if he had heard?!!! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

She came over and apologised not that I think it's worth much. Said she was sorry if she offended me when she was 'gobbing off' - her words. Siad she was from 'Romany stock' I said I thought she needed to be careful about taring everyone with the same brush and she said something like 'the pikeys near me' cause trouble and her experiences were valid!!!! What the fuck is that?!! So if a black person is horrible to me I can start mouthing off and calling them names and slagging off their culture?!! I think not why is it still acceptable to do it with gypsies. I told her I thought  she needed to be careful about the words she uses.

Anyway I accepted her apology but u can bet yr sweet arse if she says anything like that again I will be making a formal complaint.

As an aside this is also the girl who wanted to go dog racing.

I bet she hates me now. I sure as hell have an issue with her behaviour and attitude.
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I've seen it done in a zine before so I thought I would do it here, since I am no longer doing zines anymore. It would be my alphabet issue. I'm not gonna put it on my zine filter but will put it under a cut so you can read or skip what you like.

A )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]"My father says there’s only one perfect view and that’s the view of the sky over our heads."

"I expect your father has been reading Dante."

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